Footnight Events Rebooting Soon!

Hi Fam!

So many people have been contacting us wanting to know if and when Footnight events will be coming back.

Yes, we’re definitely planning to restart again. We have already started doing events in South Florida, since Florida has been opened up for a while now. Things are being handled very differently, and designed around safety and prevention. 

We’ll do the same for other cities as we slowly start the rebooting process. 
We are using this time to reorganize, restructure and prepare, so that when the country opens up 80% – 100%, we’ll be able to roll out safely and with a plan of action that is as safe and risk free as possible. 

It’s going to be amazing getting the parties going again. It’s been way way to long and we know that people are STARVING for feet 🦶

In the meantime, stay strong, stay positive, stay safe! We can’t wait to see you all once again enjoying what you love most!

Warmest regards,
Steve & the Footnight Team!