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The Miami Footnight team is putting together another great event for all you foot lovers. This one is coming to you on Friday night, April 30th in West Broward County. Our event is in a safe, clean location staffed with a trained cleaning crew. The venue has a full bar and kitchen available, so plan to have dinner and drinks with us.  

We have implemented many new changes to keep our guests, models and staff safe. In addition to temperature check at the door, mask, and having a registered nurse on staff, we have made the following changes to our events structure.  

NEW Limited Tickets Available  
In an effort to allow for social distancing we are limiting the number of gentlemen in the event to only ten during each two hour block of time. You can purchase multiple tickets if you’d like to participate in more than one time slot. For example, if you wanted to attend the event from 4pm-8pm, you would need to purchase a ticket for the 4pm-6pm time slot AND a ticket for the 6pm-8pm time slot. We are offering tickets by ADVANCED PURCHASE ONLY. Because of these restrictions, there will be NO PAY-AT-THE-DOOR option and the tickets are both non-refundable and non-transferable.  

NEW Reserved Table for each Ticketed Guest  
Once inside the venue, each patron will have his own designated table to entertain models, partake in adult beverages or enjoy a meal. Because only our guests are in this space, you are welcome to touch, tickle and taste tantalizing toes right there at your reserved table. The table and seating areas are thoroughly sanitized between each time slot.  

10 Beautiful Foot Models  
We’ll have ten fabulous foot models available to fulfill your foot fetish fantasies. Check the website MiamiFootnight.com to see the list of models planning to attend. Create your own free profile on the FetishModelNetwork.com to be able to post to the event page and engage with our models before the event. You many ask the models to reserve a session with you during the party as well as encourage them to obtain a specific pedicure, don select footwear, bring their sweaty gym socks or arrive with dirty feet. Sending a tribute to her through the Network is a great way to catch her attention and start a fruitful conversation.  

Live Foot Fetish Sessions  
This is what it’s all about fellows. You can lick, smell and massage all the sexy soles and wiggling toes you can handle. When you approach a model (or when you are approached), simply tell her what it is that drives you wild and she’ll help tailor the perfect experience for you. Don’t be shy at all; kiss ‘em, lick ‘em, sniff ‘em and rub ‘em if that’s your thing. Want to bring your own toys to tease her ticklish tootsies? Go for it! Are you aching to have a barefoot beauty stand on your face or chest and trample you into nirvana? Just share your foot fetish fantasy with your favorite models and let them make your dreams come true. Session rates begin at $20 for ten minutes with your select model.  

NEW Private Room Rentals  
For those that prefer a more secluded location to enjoy foot play, you may RENT a private room for your foot session with your favorite model. Room Rentals are available for $10 per 20 minutes; with a 20 minute minimum. This is in addition to the tribute you’ll pay to your favorite foot model. These private spaces are meticulously sanitized after each use. *Model rates are separate from the rental.  

NEW Foot Bath Sanitation Stations  
An exciting new feature is the availability of foot baths for the models. That’s right guys; you can treat your goddess to a rejuvenating warm foot spa experience. You may sit and chat comfortably with her as her feet are pampered and cleaned for your safety and her pleasure. The price is only $15 and the foot baths are completely sanitized between each use. *Model rates are separate from the rental.


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