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Guest and Model Testimonials

Guest and Model Party Testimonials

Here are just a few of the thousands of letters we receive from guests and models who have attended the Foot Nights...

Hey Steve,

I just wanted to give my review on last nights party. I am speechless.
Everything that I read and saw on the Web-Site happened and some!!

When I first stepped in I didn't know what to expect, but right away Neil greeted me and said hello. His energetic laid back attitude really welcomed me.

After checking in I headed toward the bar because I was so nervous that I needed a drink. No-one stared at me or nothing!! It was great!! Even the girl at the bar had a very cool energetic attitude.

I was sitting there drinking when one of the girls came up and started talking to me. I was like WOW!! Is this a dream? She just came up and said hello there was no pressure or nothing. She was so beautiful I had to have a session with her,and the rest is history. I was like a kid in candy store, and it was so cool to see girls from the website.

When I left I had done Two 2-girl sessions and met some awesome people!! There is absolutely no way you could feel uncomfortable!! It was my first time but it won't be my last!!

To any guy out there still nervous about going, I say read the testimonials I am a guy just like you. I was so nervous that I could barely talk, but when I left it was like saying good-bye to friends.It is sad to hear so many guys still deprive themselves of paradise. I can't believe I waited so long.

Thank you soooo much Steve, Neil, Jessie and all of the girls at the Tampa Foot-Party who made my night one I never will forget. Can't wait until the next one.

~ Phil

Thank you so much for having the foot party!! It was feet heaven!!
The ladies were beautiful and friendly. Many fantasies came true for me last night.

I finally got enough nerve to have multi trampling done on me. I loved it. Woke up this mornnig and saw alll the "damage" the girls had done to me. I am stlill feeling sore but it feels great knowing I was underneath beautiful women!

First I had Chilie and her Paris Hilton Look alike friend Jenny trample me together.
I was the first guy to worship Jenny's feet. She was great at trampling. She stood on me for the whole 10 minutes without getting off..

Then during the course of the night I had the beautiful supreme goddess Taylor and her friend (I loved licking her expensive open toe sling backs) trample me.

And then at the end of the night I had the very professional Jade, Sweet "Paris Hilton" Jenny and the tall stunning Ember....yes all three trampled me. I had Jade stand right on face. It was just great. I just love being smothered in their feet....really feeling their weight all over me. Stomping me like I was a rug.

I did not have one bad session with any of the girls but the three that i will never forget is Bella. Her feet were so soft and she trampled my legs, chest and arms in her sandals. She really did have soft feet. The best feet I like is when the girls toes are painted perfect and their heels are as soft as their toes and soles. Bella....I still feel it in my legs from you trampling them. Thanks Bella!

Also Pennie. Again she had the softest heels, toes and a great pedicure ....her legs felt so soft and smooth also. I could not stop worshipping her feet...they were so good. She is truly a beautiful woman. Thanks Pennie.

The last woman that I sessioned with was Danielle. She had incredible soft feet and heels. Her toenails were painted perfect red I sucked her toes and feet real good. She is truly a sensual woman that I won't forget. I really enjoyed her and her pretty feet.Thanks Danielle

Thanks to all the girls. I recomend guys with foot fetishes to attend these parties.... its a great release with no pressure or judgement. I wish the parties were not so far apart.

Thanks Steve and Neil for a great party and hope to see you at the next one.

~ Dan S.

"Dear Steve,

I have been a follower of your parties since they started, but have never had the courage to come to them. I was so nervous each time I even thought about it, that the easiest way to deal with it was to just avoid the parties. I have been an avid foot lover my whole life, but I have always been too afraid to talk to anyone about it, let alone ask a girl if I could even touch her feet. Another reason I did not make the attempt to come to the parties was because I didn't believe that events like this can actually take place. How would it be possible for one man to arrange 40 big name models, adult actresses, dancers, professional dominatrixes and cute amateur girls to come together to have their feet worshipped by a bunch of foot guys? Impossible!

But you proved me so wrong Steve. You did it. I finally plucked up the courage to come to the party in LA and my God!!! I have never in my life experienced anything like this.
How the hell you did it I just don't know. I was so nervous coming in, but when I saw how nice and friendly the beautiful ladies were, and saw guys just like me, I started feeling at home.

I came over to you to introduce myself to you, and you kindly took me over to Mistress Sascha de Vere, introduced me to her and made it so easy for me to have my very first foot worship experience. I can't say enough about how wonderful Mistress Sascha was. You couldn't have picked a better lady to introduce me to my first foot fetish experience. I went on to have 14 sessions, and although my nose is still a little red from the feet rubbing them, and my body is aching a little from the amazing trample sessions that I had with Mistress Tabitha, Mistress Gemini, Erotic Nikki, Julia, Tracy and Lena Ramon, I wish I could keep my red nose and aches forever as a reminder of the best night of my life. I am still on Cloud 9. I can't get this experience off my mind.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you Steve. Thanks you for your friendliness, your warmth and hospitality, and for your tremendous courage and skill in arranging this event. You are my hero and I will always remember you and thank you for adding something to my life that I never believed I could ever experience. You have such a wonderful rapport with all of the ladies, you are gracious and encouraging, and you have a charisma that I wish I could emulate. Now I know why you have been able to do what you do.
Thanks again Steve. Your #1 fan,"

- Mike

"hi steve,
i did'nt get a chance to thnk-you for the great party you organized on behalf of our needs! i probably had the best time i've ever had in my lifetime! i lived out some of my fantasies this past saturday night with some of the most beautiful ladies/feet i've ever had the chance to be exposed to.thank-you ever sooo much! i got to indulge in ladies wearing my fav sheer-stockings on their feet,while worshipping,adoring,and being trampled-on.i even lived out my fantasy of being trampled-on by not one,but by two beautiful women in sheer-stockings!!! wow! i so look forward to these parties,and i do hope that all was well enough for more to come.thnx again, steve.
best regards, "

- rick
ps- mistress nicolette is simply,truly,and amazingly awesome!

It certainly was mind mindblowing! Thanks for steering me towards Clarissa doll's smelly feet for which I gave a tongue bath and a oral massage. I've got to mention that for the first time I finally got to meet and have session with September Sno.....what a heart throb. Her angelic face and for me, the most beautifully attractive lady I've ever met. A great number of the rest were just knock out gorgeous. :-)

Thank you so very very much,"

- Allan of central Iowa

"Dear Steve,

I had a terrific time at my first party two weeks ago.
I took your advice and brought soft moccasins in two
sizes...and found takers for both pairs. One of them
fulfilled a fantasy by wearing them to stand on me and
step on my face. The other was a free spirit who
professes to hate shoes and came to the party
barefooted. I fulfilled another fantasy by licking
her funky soles. But she was a smoker and it was a
little chilly on the patio for bare feet, so she
happily wore my fleece lined moccasins the rest of the
evening and home. (I'm just hoping she wears them to
the upcoming party and rubs them all over my face!)
In addition to all that, I looked up from licking a
darling brunette's bare foot to find a beautiful
blonde woman licking her other foot. I later saw the
brunette licking a third woman's foot, after having
the foot rubbed on her crotch and bare breasts.

At the request of Princess Kali, who I met at the
November party, I have informed her of the Dec. 12
date. She asked me to relay that info to her. (She
says I have first place in line for her feet at the
next party. Have you seen her one-legged face-stand?
Holy *@!%&!)

Thanks again for an unforgettable evening on the Sixteenth."

- Old Larrigan

"Hey Steve. I didnt get a chance to thank you for setting up this event. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Other than experiencing different women's feet, I also made some friends who share the same interest and fetish as I do. Now we can talk to each other about women's feet and were not the " only ones " with the fetish anymore. These guys I refer to as my "sole brothers". I will attend the next party and I hope there will be a smelling contest and if there is I want to be the first one on the list.
Thanks and keep up the great work."

- Mr. M.


Saturday's party was truly great. Even better than the one I attended in Vegas in September. Thanks for all your hard work. Please let me know of ANY--including VIP--parties that you schedule in L.A. I will definitely be there. Thanks,"

- S H

"I have to say the same thing. MindBlowing.
The first time ever for me to be that open in public. Although it took me a couple of beers to relax, after my first session I was completely comfortable. Meet and had a chance to talk with a few other brothers there as well, which I had never done before. I don't feel so out there, alone or shy about it anymore.

I did wish there was some photographs taken though. I would have loved to have looked back at it in some photos with some of the great ladies there, rather than from my head. But I guess that is what next time is for. Right!! Sign me up now, for the next LA party."

- Jason

"HI there footbro.

Thanks again for a great experience and a beautiful night. This is your second party I have attended. The first in March in New York and the second here in L.A. It was again amazing to see so many beautiful women ready and willing to have their feet worshiped. I really got stuck with Mistress Artemis from Greece. She was mind blowing and really enjoyed having her feet worshiped. I had 5 sessions with her and another 6 with other georgeous women. Thanks to all of them and thanks to you buddy."

- John

"Hello Steve,

I just want to thank you again for the fanatastic party on Saturday and am looking forward to coming to the next one. As I have mentioned, I REALLY enjoyed your last party and plan on showing up to each and every single on of them.Tks/Rgds."

- Pele

"I guess the letter from Mike really sums it all up...have to be there next time...sounded like I could have written it...congratulations on having the
balls to do this..."

- Z

"what can i say Steve, but Wow!!!! this is paul from st. louis, and i just had to tell you that saturday night was sooooo awesome. i finally got to lick jacklyn licks feet, but lissas foot models were soooooo nice and sweet, and vanessa, september, man the list goes on and on. i can't wait for the next one i'll be able to attend, so keep me on your list. you guys are the best, so see ya soon,"

- paul

"hey whats up? let me tell you about the FootNight-LA now i live in southern san diego and it took me over 2 hrs to get there. but it was worth it big time. ive only fantasized of the things i SEEN AND DID that wonderful night in Pasadena. i worshipped the feet of Mistress Tabitha. now this is the first time EVER kissing a womens foot. but i did a whole lot more than kiss them. she MADE sure that i worshipped them in everyway. than she trampled me in highheels. i didnt think i was into the trampling thing but i am now. i had little red marks on my chest for days. than later on september sno teased the hell out of me for a 20 min session finishing me off with a mindblowing orgasm. (in my pants) what a mess i was. she felt pretty proud of herself as i was of her too. hey thanks STEVE for the dream cum true."

- Goinblind


"Hi Steve,
I wanted to let you know that I had one of the most wonderful times at the L.A. FootNight Foot Party! I don't think I have ever had my toes sucked and my soles licked as much as I did that night. I only wish that I could have had all night long to have my feet worshipped! It was so wonderful having a place where my fans and members could come and actually see that I am a real person and that they had the opportunity to take part in sessions with me. All the guys that attended were such sweethearts and gentlemen. I can't wait until the next party! You do such a wonderful job making sure all of girls have a great time, and not only that but you make sure we are in a safe environment and take care of us! Your the Best Steve and I appreciate you in everyway! Keep the parties coming and you can count me in to be at all of them!! Kisses,"

- Nikki


"Thank you again for another wonderful party! As usual, your clients were friendly, courteous, respectful and fun! I love attending your parties! It is a great way for me to meet my fans who come to worship my feet. I can spend some time with them and let them enjoy the pleasure of kissing, massaging, licking and worshiping my feet. I also met some "new" clients who came to the party for the 1st or 2nd time. It was great to introduce them to such a wonderful party to fully appreciate their inner foot fetish. So, thank you to all my returning fans and to the many new ones I met at the most recent party!

The venue is also a great place to play in different theme rooms and play out some fun fantasies. I always look forward to your parties and once again, you did not disappoint. So, thanks again for creating such a fun and enjoyable environment where everyone can enjoy our feet to their hearts desires! I'll be waiting for the next one!"

- Lana Li

Steve- by far this was the BEST party/venue/setup ever!!! I had an ablsolute blast! So sorry that I didn't get to you. Next time you just grab me by the ankle straps right after the model's meeting and I'll be sure to step all over you!! It was just what I needed after a long, hard day of dancing in high heels. Great vibe too- the guys were SO easy to talk to- you could tell that they were there to have fun and they meant business. THANK YOU, Steve- and a huge THANK YOU to the gentlemen that attended. You made my night!!
Toe-Kisses and face stands


Dear Steve,

Thank YOU for the invite! Out of all the soirees I've attended (lust, worship, swing, and otherwise), I'd have to say yours are the best-organized by far. You're so wonderfully meticulous, there wasn't a detail you overlooked which made all the ladies feel that much safer and well taken care of. You created such a conducive environment for everyone to express and revel in their sensuality, you left virtually no excuse for anyone to have a lousy time.
Please accept my undying wuv and devotion for making the evening one I won't soon forget. I won't soon forget the painful 7-hr drive home to Newport the next morning, either. J/K.
So, here's to forging new friendships!

Your latest devoted habitué,
- Leilani

Dear Steve,

I have to agree with you. I think I had the most fun at this last party. They just seem to get better and better. The guys I met were so nice ...and the girls too. I can't wait for the next one!

Big Hugs,
- Mistress Prudence

Hello Steve!
Thank you again for a fun time last night--the event was very social and I felt safe and comfortable. Please keep me updated with any upcoming parties. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

- Erika

" HEllo STeve
THanks so much for the great e email, you are so awsome! I had a absolute blast at the party as I do anytime I do anything the has to do with foot fetish! I have gotton a really grteat resPonse from a lot of my fans that were there, which is always so great for me. I did a private for a fan tonight and it turns out that we knew each other prior and didn't recignize each other in that environment. IT was an awsome session, I came three times just from toe sucking, by the way you left quite an impression on me after our session ,WOW!!!!! I want to thank all the guys for coming and being so wonderful! THey made me and my girlfriend DAejha MIlan feel soooooooooooo good, inside and out! THat is the most fun we have ever had at a party together! SHe is interested in foot fetish as well now! I am a foot freak as well and get more turned on and interested in it as well! I love my foot fans all of them are so amazing I can't even begin to say enough good things about them! THank you to all that put their best foot forward!!!!!! HOpe to hear from you soon and thanks again!"

- CLarissa DOll xxx ooo


Just wanted to thank you for including me in this Saturday's party -- it *really* changed my world. ;) To tell you the truth, I didn't believe you when you said that several people had commented on my pictures on your site...I thought you were just being gentlemanly and encouraging, as James said you would be. But after having had your guests come up to me and say, "Are you Julia?" I had to admit it must be true! After that there was no stopping me. Kinda scared myself ;) .

I had soooooo much fun, and was so flattered to be kept busy all night. The men were uniformly respectful and kept gushing (if guys can gush!) about how spectacular it was to finally have an event like this here. I'll be coming back to every event you invite me to join ... even though you were too busy for more than a quick hello, I hope you'll keep me up on your event schedule! Take care,"

- Julia

"HI Steve,
I am Mistress Artemis and want to say what a blast I had last Saturday in the L.A. foot party. The only bad part is that I hardly got 10 minutes off to chat more with you. The sessions were one after the other. But all of the guys were great and so was the whole atmosphere. I will definetly attend your next party since I enjoyed some much worship - and some of rather good quality."
- Mistress Artemis

"We are so encouraged, because the moment we walked in where all could see us, we were approached by several very nice gentlemen, asking for sessions from us.
Madame Angela squeezed in 2 quick sessions, and I had one half hour session.( The guys told us that we'd have done really well, since we're sort of giggly and friendly, and very approachable. We were just happy to have made it there before everyone left;) Well, even though we only had a taste of it, I'm glad the party was such a success- and it seems that everybody had a great time.
We are absolutely interested in October's party - (I'm glad it's happening so soon from now, too.) I believe I'll start checking later today, for airline / hotel arrangements for that date...Thanks, and we look forward to it! Please keep us updated. Sincerely,"

- Daveena Noir

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