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Footnight Sacramento

Foot Night Sacramento
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November 21st Party review

Footnight Bay Area returns to its roots!

Once again Sacramento footfriends have the opportunity to indulge in all of your foot fetish fantasies with real life girls who love having you worship their feet...

Sniff, kiss, rub, lick, suck, tickle and be smothered and trampled by hot Internet models, athletic dancers, fetish models and pretty girls next door who love to have their feet worshiped!

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November 21st Party Review by Hot4Feet

The Sacrament Footnight held on Nov 21 was the first Footnight event I attended in a long time. I must say I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy the events so I'm definitely happy about attending this one!!!!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to Vinyl Queen for hosting a great party! The snacks were great, the people were great, the room was great.. everything was great!

Unfortunately, I didn't bring enough money to session as much as I wanted but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the sessions I did have.

First up, I had an ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING session with Jeslen. Vinyl Queen had advised me a model had arrived without nail polish on her toes (my preference) so I was definitely on the lookout for that. Fortunately, it turned out to be Jeslen. :D We started out with my massaging her feet and engaging in some basic worship and foot throating. Then, I was struck with the most awesome-est idea! I sat on the floor with my head against the wall and had her sit on the edge of the bed facing me. Then, I had her force her foot as far into my mouth as she could get it and I was in foot-choking heaven!!!! I choked and gagged as she force fed me her feet, one at a time. I took quick breaks to wipe the tears from my eyes and then let her resume her activity. Then SHE did the unthinkable... she pinned my head against the wall with one foot while forcing her other practically down my throat! Of course, the took the whole experience to another level entirely! She then alternated between hooking her foot around me neck to bring my face closer to her and pushing my head back to pin it against the wall, all while keeping my mouth completely full with her other foot even through multiple gags (she would leave her toes against the back of my throat while I gagged). This was the first time I had experienced this and we will definitely explore this more at future Footnights. Thanks Jeslen! :D

After my mind blowing experience with Jeslen, I had my first session of a total of three with Ludmila. She looked so damned sexy in that two piece outfit, a brotha just could NOT resist!!! I had no idea she was so hot! :D My first session with Ludmila turned into a double session of basic worship, foot throating, and sole biting/nibbling. I soon learned she REALLY digs having her heels bitten as well as the outer edges of her feet. This double session wasn't nearly as hot as our last session during which I had her rolling, writhing, and cavorting around the bed like she was going stir crazy!!! When I would stop to make sure all was well, she would look at me as if *I* was crazy for stopping and would tell me to keep going! She is most definitely a LOT of fun and I do plan on spending more time with her at future Footnights and maybe I'll see if I can arrange a private session or something.

In between my double session with Ludmila and my third session with her, I had a VERY HOT AND STEAMY session with Ludmila's friend Ruth. For the record, I'm in foot LOVE with Ruth! I'm not going to go into much detail here but suffice it to say Ruth is the absolute BOMB and she most definitely ROCKED MY WORLD!!!!!! Awesome legs... awesome feet... awesome woman!!! A private session with her is an absolute must and that's final!

So, I had 3 sessions with Ludmila, a double session with Ruth (Ludmila's friend), and a FANTASTIC session with Jeslen. I had a wonderful time at the party and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one. I left the party a bit early because I was out of cash and just couldn't stand the thought of being under the same roof with Ruth and not being able to session with her. I'm just glad I had enough discipline to NOT find an ATM.... :D LOL

Thanks again to Vinyl Queen for hosting such a great party and to Steve Savage for making all this possible.


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