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Apprehensive About Coming to a Footnight Party?

Have you registered several times to attend a FootNight, and just couldn't
pluck up the courage to come to the event?

Have you been nervous about possibly being judged or rejected by the girls
at the party?

Have you been concerned that your privacy and anonymity will not be respected?

Have you felt that the parties are all hype, and just sound too good to be true?

Have you felt that you'll be viewed as being "strange" or "different" at the parties?

Have you felt that you are just not ready at this point to "come out" and start
experiencing your "hidden" foot fantasies?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, please read on....
This article is JUST FOR YOU!

Firstly let me say this... If you DID answer "yes' to 1 or more of these questions, you are very normal. In fact, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who first comes to a FootNight foot party feels EXACTLY THE SAME way that you do.

And even after several years of doing FootNight events, we STILL have 50% to 70% of our registered guests... people who have signed up to attend the event.... NOT showing up at the parties!!

Trust me my friend, we DO understand where you are coming from, because every single one of us have been exactly where you are right now! We all have had the same fears, concerns, apprehension and skepticism. So please don't judge yourself or think that you are the only person who feels these things... We all have at some point or another.

So let me try to address your concerns, with sincere hope that you will open up your heart and your mind, and pluck up the courage to become a part of our incredible foot parties.

1. Everyone at the foot parties has a foot fetish!! You are no different to anyone     else that is at the party. The only differences among us are that we all have different variations of foot fetish that we enjoy. Some people like trampling and more dominant types of foot activities... others enjoy tickling, foot massage, toe-sucking, foot licking, foot smelling, foot smothering, clean feet, dirty feet, sweaty feet, feet in nylons, feet in sandals or heels... the list goes on and on.
No matter which of these preferences you enjoy most... you can and will
be able to experience them at the FootNight foot parties... guaranteed!

2. Every girl that comes to the FootNights LOVES having their feet pampered and  worshipped. In fact, they love foot fetish activities as much as you do!!
We do not hire strippers or escorts who don't understand our foot fetish and only do it to try make a fast buck from you.
The girls that you meet at our footnights are ALL girls who have a personal
passion for foot fetish activities. They know and understand that everyone at the party loves feet, and many of them even travel hundreds of miles to be at the parties because they love the people and the activities so much. 
There is no way in hell that you will ever be judged as being "strange" or 
"different" by the girls.

3. You can feel TOTALLY comfortable and unashamed to walk up to ANY of the girls at the party and directly ask her if you can massage her feet, or if she  will trample you.. or whatever. That's what the girls are at the party for.
They WANT you to come up to them and spend some "foot time" with them.
If you see a girl at the party looking a little down in the dumps... 9 times out of 10 it's because no one has approached her to pamper and worship her feet.

4. We have very strong systems and rules in place to protect the privacy and discretion of our guests... no cameras, no sexual activities, no nudity, no sharing of mailing lists and totally safety and respect for the law. We never ever put ourselves in a position that will attract negative attention to our parties, and as a result your privacy and anonymity will always be guarded and protected.

5. Are the parties just hype?  If they were just hype, you would have seen evidence all over the Internet. We've been doing footnights for 2 years now, and the biggest  thrill for me personally, is when I talk to the guests and the girls during and after  the parties... when I see the big smiles and the excited looks on their faces... when they thank me over and over again for providing this kind of outlet for them to be able to privately and safely indulge in their foot fetish fantasies that they have  lived with all their lives, yet were too scared... or never had the opportunity to experience in real life.

My friends, you will never know how incredible and mindblowing a FootNight experience is, unless you take that first step and try it. I guarantee you that withina few minutes of being there, and especially after your very first foot experience with one of the beautiful footgirls... the only shame that you will have, is that you never allowed yourself the opportunity to attend a FootNight foot party before.

Still hesitating or a little nervous? Take a look at these testimonials from first time guests who were as anxious as you are...

Congratulations on an excellent write-up.  Wish I'dhad it to ease my mind in 11/02.  I'll bet it willhelp bridge the gap between the visitors to the siteand the attendees at the parties.
Just in case it might help to have your statementsbacked up by someone who isn't part of the staff,here's an unsolicited testimonial:
As someone who is not on the staff, but who hasattended Foot Night events since the first Los Angelesparty in 2002, I can confirm what Steve says about thefolks...and especially the the parties. They really do make you feel at ease and welcome.Going back to the parties actually feels likerevisiting old friends.
I have been amazed not only at how likeable the womenare, but also at how fascinating they are asindividuals.  How's this for variety:
An author of erotic horror novels and video directorA porn star who is also an environmental activistAnother porn star who raises money for charity on her web siteA classically trained dancer who is also a professional outdoorswomanEach of them delightful companions, in session and out.
I promise you, this isn't too good to be true.  Thisis too wonderful to miss.
--"Old Larrigan"
Take care, Steve.  I'll see you on the 30th.

Dear Steve:

     Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to write such a great explanation of Footnights. This is Scott from Cleveland Ohio that made the best decision of my life and attended Las Vegas in August. My stomach was twisted for weeks leading up to the time I walked into the door of the event. And everything you wrote explained what happened at the party. The women were the best, it was a great facility. And most of all you were the greatest host I ever met. Not only a great host, but very good with information that was sent to me via e-mail, and an all around nice guy. I've been wanting to write to you, but have been very busy. I think about that single night everyday, of course with a smile on my face. And yes anyone who has ever thought about going and never got the balls up to do it is missing the best time of there life's. I know I can't possibly make all the parties, but you can guarantee this wouldn't be my last party.

My warmest wishes to you and all the beautiful women of Footparty.

Scott M.

Hope this helps and encourages you to register and walk into the party with strength, courage and the knowledge that you are about to experience every foot fantasy you ever dreamed about!

Register for the party, get in your car, drive over to us and walk straight up to the door without even thinking about turning back. Prepare yourself for a night of beautiful friendly people... gorgeous girls... and more feet in your face than you could ever imagine.

Hope to see you at future FootNights... and if there is anything that I can personally do to help make this experience more comfortable and fun for you, please do not hesitate to ask for me at the party.

Warmest regards,

Steve Savage

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