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All About the Foot Fetish by Buffy @ WebmasterVault

There is one fetish, in this industry full of fetishes, that is generally misunderstood. The fetish that I am speaking about is the foot fetish, and I am here to clarify what exactly this fetish entails. The foot fetish is very common, yet society still thinks of it as being perverse or strange. Many people cannot understand how a person could be attracted to something that is often seen as a less desirable area of the body. The feet actually produce the same apocrine sweat glands that are shared with other parts of the body including genitalia. These sweat glands produce pheromones, which play a huge role in sexual attraction in both mammals and humans. This could be part of the reason why some people experience an erotic or sexual feeling from matters having to do with feet.

The foot fetish is actually a lot more common than we think. The most recent statistics say that about 1.14% of the population has a liking for feet, which is roughly more than 68 million people worldwide. About one and a half million of these foot fetishists reside in the United States. These numbers are pretty staggering considering that society labels feet as being a taboo body area, and foot fetishists as being freaks. We generally think of feet as being dirty and ugly. People that are aroused by feet are really not that much different than people who are turned on by things like big breasts or long legs, they are just not related to as easily. If people in society could truly understand the desires of a foot lover then perhaps the whole foot fetish would become more accepted.

So, what exactly do foot fetishists like? This question is hard to answer directly because there are so many different kinds of foot fetishes, and sub-fetishes that come from these. Some people get off on things like kissing, licking, smelling, or rubbing their partner’s feet before, during, or after sex, while others enjoy actually being penetrated or jerked off by feet. Some foot fetishists just enjoy looking at feet or watching them, like when people put on or take off shoes or nylons. Others feel pleasure just from tickling or lightly touching feet. Some people like small, dainty feet that smell nice, while others like big, smelly feet that are covered in calluses. A number of fetishists even like to watch the feet trampling or stepping on things. Sometimes the foot fetish overlaps with a little bit of shoe fetish or nylon fetish as well. For example, a fetishist might enjoy watching a woman slip her foot into a high-heeled shoe and then crush something with it. Or, a foot lover may like to watch someone put nylons on and then have that person rub their genitalia with their stocking feet. There are so many variations when it comes to foot fetishes.

When you picture a foot fetishist, what kind of person do you see? Most of you probably picture some weird, kinky pervert that sits around sniffing shoes all day. The truth is that just about anybody can be a foot fetishist. I am sure that there are a good many of you who have touched, caressed, or kissed a partner’s feet during an intimate moment. Do you know that your actions are not that much different from most foot fetishists? Most foot lovers are male, although there are a small number of women as well, and foot fetishists can be either homosexual or heterosexual.

Now, you may be wondering how one develops a foot fetish, but the truth is that it is not really clear. Many psychiatrists believe that it is something that stems from childhood where perhaps the child found comfort in something that was foot-related. No matter how the development of the foot fetish occurred, most experts agree that it is fairly harmless, and not that far off from obsessions with other body parts such as breasts or butts. Even though this may be true, most foot fetishists are embarrassed to admit their love for feet and tend to seek secretive means to gratify their desire. This is precisely the reason that two Americans, Doug Gaines and Gary Brett, started two organizations for foot fetishists, one for homosexuals and one for heterosexuals. They wanted to give foot lovers an easy means to meet other foot fetishists. The organization for gay foot lovers is called The Foot Fraternity and the group for straight foot fetishists is called the Foot Fetishists and Fantasies Society. Both groups publish quarterly member listings, which allow their members to find others in their area.

Are you still convinced that you are not a foot fetishist? How about taking a little test to see what your level of foot loving is? Click here to take the test: Whatever your level of foot worship, just remember that you are not alone. The foot fetish is actually one of the most common fetishes and the one that is most widely misunderstood. I would suggest to any webmasters that run a foot fetish site, when they themselves do not have a taste for feet, to do some research first. Find out what kind of things foot fetishists like and dislike and also try to make your site appeal to the wide variety of foot fetishes that exist. A good start would be to hit up various foot fetish message boards (trust me there are lots of them) and start asking questions.

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