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Footnight Montreal

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Luxurious Montreal FootNight Foot Palace:

- Hot upscale venue with lots of cozy private and themed play areas to indulge in your favorite foot fetish activities with stunning beauties discreetly.

- Delicious All Night Foot Buffet

- Safety, comfort and security...

….put those all together and you have ONE SPECTACULAR FOOT PARTY!!

Taking A Walk On The Wild Side...

Just imagine worshipping the feet of Gorgeous Foot Goddesses, one as beautiful as the next.

At our famous Montreal Foot Fetish Parties, you are going to have the opportunity to live your fantasies... to feel no shame... to feel perfectly safe and comfortable, knowing that you can approach any of these ladies, and be worshipping their feet without embarrassment, without rejection, without getting into any trouble! Now YOU can experience what others only dream and fantasize about!

Get cozy in our upscale venue with its 22 different zones of fantasy, the concept of the club is quite simple: in the club, you must feel like in your home whatever is the area you are in.

Like home, you are obliged to nothing, but you have the rights. Like home, you have access everywhere without any extras. Don't miss the Salon Scala VIP, Phoenicia's place, the Roman Fantasy room, the Oriental Fantasy room, free private rooms, The Redlite of Shanghai, Gardens of Eden and Alcatraz the Dongeon.

Vip Scala Salon
DJ, dance floor, podium for dancing, dancer post, stage show, private boothes around the dance floor and the alchool free bar.

Phoenicia area
Sauna, spa, multiple showers and lockers.

Oriental room
Fantasy room, open space area, with round mattress surrounded by couches.

Roman Room
Fantasy room, open space area with podium beds.
Divided in 2 areas: Jules Cesar's place and Cleopatra's place.

Private rooms
In many areas, you are gonna see free private rooms. You are at home, so feel free to take the room...
Nobody will disturb.

Shanghai's redlite
We reproduced 4 special small rooms like the redlite of Shanghai.
We recommend the love chair room.

Gardens of Eden
Among the bushes, you will discover 11 different areas of fantasy:
Messaline's spy room, the mirror room, chinese sexy shadow theater and many others.

Alcatraz the dongeon
Alcatraz is divided in 3 areas: the slave room, the jails and the big dongeon.

Indulge yourself with stunning friendly girls in a discreet environment that will give you the most laid back experience. Let your gorgeous foot model show you the true meaning of the word FOOTNIGHT ... it’s yours to discover.

Delicious all night foot buffet! The Footnight officially ends after 5 hours, but the club stays open until 3am so if you like, you stay on and worship feet until the birds chirp at daybreak!

I hope this will peak some curiosity for foot fetishists who have thought about attending Montreal’s Foot Fetish Party. Fill in the registration form and be on the private, confidential guests list for the World Famous Foot Parties.

Footnight Montreal Venue



I wanted to thank you for last night's event in Montreal. I had a great time and met some very fun beautiful women with spectacular feet!
While browsing through some of the other events on the website I noticed you have a smelly foot contest for the upcoming event in Toronto. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this, however I was wondering if it might be possible to organize this for a future event in Montreal. I would be very interested in being a judge, in fact even if there isn't any other interested judges, I would be happy to smell all of the participants feet and pick a winner myself. I am open to discusing how to arrange tributes for this, and would even help recruit model candidates specifically for this purpose.
Thank you once again.


I want to thank for the wonderful party, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to the next one!
- Oswald.


Hey Guys,

I gotta say this about your party. It was amazing...I had a blast. It was my first time attending one and I hope to attend more in the future. I loved the venu with the private rooms. The whole night was just great. The girls were great along with the staff. You guys did a great job. Keep this going in Montreal...I am serious keep it going. Maybe you guys didn't get the turn out you wanted but to me it was perfect. Not to many people so it was not much waiting for girls to get done. Dont stop these parties in Monreal. It was great. Please let me know when the next party is...I will be there.


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