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JULY 26, 2018
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Finally! The perfect Pedicure by the perfect Foot Fetish Man!
By Jacqueline DuMonde

Jacqueline DuMonde

I'm not sure who may appreciate this more - the guys or the girls!
I have been traveling a total of an hour and a half for the past year and a half to have my pedicures and manicures done each week. I have finally found a salon five minutes away from my home that gives outstanding service.
Here's the most fulfilling part....
I had a twenties something man give me my pedicure. I could tell he was very excited when he removed my polish and found that my toe nails were as long as the toe nail bed itself. He very carefully filed each and every toe nail to have the perfect shape...square, but rounded on the edges so that they may not scratch or catch on clothing or skin. That man gave me the best foot massage I have ever received!
Sorry, guys! I finally began to clue in to the fact that he was a true foot fetishist when he dried my feet, ready to polish my nails. He very carefully dried each and every toe, checking to be sure that the cuticles were perfectly groomed, and that each nail matched in length and shape. The defining moment was his long pause, before applying polish, with a deep and heavy sigh...he stared at my toes.
As the owner of the shop walked by and commented on the fact that I preferred my toe nails long...I informed her that I would like them longer, however, one had broken.
At that point my pedicurist looked up at me not only in shock, but admiration. It seems this man has found his calling...his perfect occupation! Lucky man, don't you think?
I should I inform him that his fetish is so welcome in our FootNight Family. Maybe a few more pedicures and we will see if he is up for it?
In the mean feet and toes look fabulous!
Jacqueline DuMonde


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