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December 2006 Footnotes

Obsession of the Month: Arches

High Arches

What's more sensual than a woman raising her heel with her toes on the ground, revealing a gracefully curved arch? That curve is a work of art, mirroring the beauty of a woman's entire body. We can't get enough of it, whether watching a foot girl posing, or getting underneath her feet so she can rub that arched sole all over our face. When a woman takes off a high-heeled shoe and her foot maintains that sexy curvature, that's when you know you've got a true arch queen.


Barefoot Britney

Let's take a moment to give thanks for America's Barefoot Pop Princess, Britney Spears. Sure, she's been the subject of nasty reviews and ridicule for her trashy behavior and cheesy husband. But she deserves praise from foot lovers for her stubborn refusal to wear shoes.
She was criticized a while back for being spotted walking barefoot into gas station rest rooms. We're not sure we'd want to worship her feet after that, but give her credit for showing them off in public. And there was a rumor that her bare feet smelled so bad on a flight, passengers
complained until she was asked to put her shoes back on. So if you're into stinky feet, she's your girl. After all that, Britney deserves some love-foot love, that is.


Four feet under

Multi-Girl foot session

The holidays are here, and you're probably thinking about getting gifts for everyone. How about a gift for yourself? At your next Footnight party, why not treat yourself to a multiple-girl foot session? If you've never tried it, now's the time. Find a couple of foot girls who seem like a good team. You'll be overwhelmed by the sensation of two-or if you're
daring, three or more-pairs of feet swarming over you. Put those feet together and go back and forth licking, massaging or tickling those tantalizing toes and soles. We promise you'll never forget it.


'Tis the season for feet

Speaking of gifts, all of us at Footnight wish you the gift of happiness this season. Guys, hope this season finds you unwrapping the shoe straps that lead to the feet of your favorite foot girl…and ladies, hope you get all the shoes, pedicure treats and massages that will keep your feet looking good into the new year.

Happy holidays to all… and to all, a Footnight!

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