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JULY 26, 2018
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Interesting Foot Facts

Layla JadeOn the historic side, it should be noted that the "Geisha" had nothing to do with the Chinese foot binding practices - or, for that matter, nothing whatsoever to do with the Chinese. In fact, Geisha is Japanese and was not born of anything specifically related to "feet".

Although the Geisha did sometimes participate in the back-waking form of massage, it was simply one of many practices of hospitality they performed. The barefoot massage was in existence long before the Geisha and the form of massage they practiced (among many forms) was something the Japanese called "ashiatsu" ..... a derivative of "shiatsu" (both Japanese). While shiatsu is something of an accupresure type of massage, ashiatsu is an accuprressure type of massage, administered by the feet.

Ashiatsu had been in existence long before the Geisha and was used and administered by all types of people all over Japan. But it had little to do with the Geisha themselves and nothing to do with the Chinese.

Why does any of this matter? Because I want YOU to come up to the Pacific Northwest and experience some ashiatsu first-hand!!! Some of the country's most excellent specialists reside right here. And when you are done with that, head on over to a Footnight party and experience our own brand of it. I promise you won't be disappointed.



Hey Ben,
Outstanding, and you are absolutly correct in the Japanese use of Geisha and her function and in no way related to China, please excuse my error, but in fact the chinese did become involved in the practice of foot binding. Here is a link to the Vertual Museum of the City of San Francisco article about Chinese foot binding around 1911, about the time Stravinsky was writing Firebird, and the Romanove Dynasty was still in it's glory, I was facinated!
"Nineteenth-century photograph of a San Francisco child who wears beautifully embroidered three-inch “lotus shoes.” (see link)

This cruel practice lasted from the tenth century to 1911, when it was banned by the new Chinese republic. The practice of foot binding began in the Sung dynasty (960-976 BC),

In November 1997, UC San Francisco released details of the first study on the consequences of foot binding." see link

Anyway, Yeah, backwalking is very Japanese, and I would love to come to Seattle for your event. Perhaps the economy will allow me a summer visit. Thanks for the tips, and I am delighted that you too are connected to our rich herritage of foot history.
Cheers my friend, and deepest reguards!
Until then,

|Hello Davetone -

Yes, the Chinese and their practice for footbinding. Legendary.

This is one of the most difficult things for me to understand. As somebody who loves girls and loves feet, this is completely warped (in my mind).

What is most difficult for me to come to grips with here, is the fact that the end result of that footbinding process resulted in something that had no resemblence to any real foot of any real girl. It actually produced something more akin to a "hoof".

From my standpoint, this practice actually seems more like the antithesis of foot worship, insofar as it completely warps the beautiful female foot beyond recognition as a "foot". Very strange.


Absolutely, what were they thinking? I can not even imagine making any woman suffer that way, or any way for that matter. The practice was terribly cruel. Perhaps it was a weak ego and a need to dominate the female, hobbling her or something...just blows me away. (I hope the concept never returns) To me, a woman’s foot is so incredibly perfect; the shapes they are, long or petite, wide or narrow, the architectural beauty of the arch, soft yet can be so devastatingly powerful, then dress them up with a beautiful Jimmy Choo or Ferragamo shoe (or whatever, or naked!!!) and I am in sheer heaven. Besides, I beleive in bringing nothing but pleasure and delight to a woman, I just love them!
I am convinced we live in the best possible time, even with all the problems in the world, since recorded history. To be even able to have a “Foot Party” is just outstanding. Ben, I have only been to three of these events, and as I have mentioned previously, I have never been so impressed with such a nice group of individuals, female and male.
Thanks for your hospitality and invite. Perhaps I will make it up to your area this summer! Let me know, especially if Mikayla heads up there. I would just love to be trampled beneath her!

Cheers, foot friends,

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