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JULY 26, 2018
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Footnight Foot Parties vs. Private Sessions

Nervous about making the right decision? Read on..

If you are like most intelligent foot friends, you more than likely tend to evaluate the idea of coming to Footnight foot parties versus private foot sessions. The most common criteria being, which of the two options would be safer, more private, more cost effective and most comfortable for you personally.

If you have never attended a Footnight before, and are considering doing so, we hope this comparison will help you out.

Once you've read through this comparison, make sure to read this article... and also this one. We look forward to seeing you at the next Foot Night.

Footnight Foot Parties

Private Foot Sessions

20 to 70 girls to choose from depending on location of event 1 girl, possibly two depending on how much you can afford.
Opportunity to meet girls in person PRIOR to spending money and taking time to meet for sessions. Go in "blind". Many times girls don't look anything like their pictures portray. Also might have personality that is not what you're hoping for.
Get a LOT more for your money. Foot sessions at the Foot Nights are $20/10 minute session. For example, for $200, you can enjoy the feet of 10 different girls in 10 sessions. For $300, you can have 15 ten minute sessions! For the same price of $200, you get to worship the feet of only 1 girl for 1/2hr to 1 hr. Many times girls charge as much as $300 to $500 for just 1 hour of foot worship.
You get the opportunity to hang out and socialize for 4 or 5 hours with up to 70 girls in a comfortable, cozy, safe environment. When you meet a girl for a private session, you're there only for the duration of your session.. plus a little chat time.
Safe, private, invitation only event Sometimes safe, sometimes not. You never really know what to expect.
The foot girls at the Foot Nights ALL love having their feet worshipped, love the foot scene, and the social environment! You don't know for sure whether the girl and the situation is legit or not, or whether the girl really enjoys having her feet worshiped, or if she's just doing it for the money.
Safety and discretion in numbers.. You can get "lost" among all of the foot friends and and remain discreet and anonymous. You are much more exposed in a one on one situation.
Everyone at the Foot Nights - girls and guys - are just like you.. They all have a foot fetish and love foot interaction. So you're accepted and liked because you have the same interests as everyone else. You are never judged or criticized. Although there are many girls offering privates who legitimately enjoy foot sessions, many just say they do .. and when you walk out the door, they think of you as "weird" or "strange". Who needs this!!

Want to give the next Footnight foot party a try? Take a look at the Parties page and reserve a spot at the next foot night near you. You'll kick yourself why you waited so long!


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