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JANUARY 30, 2019
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The Economics of Footnight - by Tom

I never thought I would be writing a testimonial to a private party like this.
Like many of you I thought about attending Footnight for a while before reserving a spot, and I even went all the way to the venue and wimped out once before going inside. I can tell you, however, that once I attended, I was hooked.

Here’s the deal. I don’t have a heavy foot fantasy fetish. But I do really like assertive, dominant and sensual women. These women are hard to find and meet in the “real world”. But they’re there in abundance at Footnight, and amazingly, they are very personable and easy to talk to.

Sure you can go to a strip club. And some of the women are very nice looking, but they are there to suck you dry and I don’t mean sexually. At Footnight the women will sometimes ask if you are ready for a session, but it is generally very low key, and there is plenty of opportunity to talk to the ladies in an unrushed atmosphere.

That is what I really enjoy, the chance to interact in a natural way with these women.

The variety is also very appealing to me. They come in all sizes and shapes so there is something for everyone, and many of them are quite well known in the domination world. This means that you can get to know them without going to a dungeon or spending an arm and a leg for a longer session. If you’ve been to the web sites you’ll recognize them and they’ll converse with you in a straightforward and friendly way. It’s very cool.

It’s sort of a smorgasbord of mild to wild kink. A buffet of buns and legs.

The other very cool thing is that you can participate or not with no pressure. If you just want to hang out at the bar and wait for someone who strikes your fancy, you may get a few ladies who come up and say hi but there is no implied or explicit feeling that you need to get involved or have a session.

The sessions are really a delight. In ten minutes you can really get a sense of what kind of lady you’re dealing with, and if you get along, you can extend the time or even get contact info to get together another time.

I usually budget $100-150 for the night, including the cover. If I take a “date” to a nice restaurant and then a drink or to listen to some music I will probably spend nearly that much, and I will need to play mind games to decide where it’s going. Here I can have fun interactions with numerous ladies for the same amount of money, and come away feeling like I’ve had an exciting evening and made some new friends.

Once you go a few times you see some familiar faces (and shapes) but nonetheless it remains low key and there is no drama. There are no expectations and no pressure, and no one is judging you or looking at you like there’s something wrong.

Finally, I’ve been to events where I feel uncomfortable or something happens that breaks my mood and I get a bit introverted and withdrawn. This seldom happens at Footnight, and if it does for a while, it’s no big deal, because there is plenty to observe in the bar area without participating. But I usually find that somewhere along the line someone really hot appears, I talk to her, she puts me at ease, and I have a great time for a fraction of what it might cost for me to go on a “date” or a professional session.

Sixty-five bucks may seem like a lot of money but it disappears in a strip club or on a date even quicker than it does at Footnight. And you seldom have as much fun, variety and the chance to meet more hot women in a single evening.

~ Tom

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